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Top-quality dry cleaning and laundry for 100%-satisfied customers. Our experts use the most earth-friendly products and equipment. You get fast, friendly service and our work is superb. We’re absolutely passionate about quality, and you will be too.


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Science to the rescue.

It’s not your imagination that some workout clothes reek after ten minutes while old-school all-cotton stays relatively sweet. NPR reports that researchers have found there are certain malodorous microbes that only thrive on polyester. The traditional solutions for stinky gym clothes like vinegar or baking soda just can’t fight the tenacious Micrococcus bacteria. Impregnating polyester fabrics with silver particles or triclosan antimicrobial pesticide have serious side effects. Scientists think the best answer might found by using good bacteria to fight the bad. Probiotic deodorant? We’ll rely on professional laundry products until then.

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