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Tablescape perfection with linens by The Greener Cleaner

Household Items

Professional care will keep your household items looking, and feeling, like new. Comforters, duvets, quilts, bedspreads, afghans, blankets, pillow, draperies, sheers, sleeping bags all benefit from The Greener Cleaner cleaning.

The Greener Cleaner restoration experts can remove most oxidation stains and whiten vintage linens that have yellowed. We remove typical dining stains, too. Custom deluxe packaging minimizes creasing, or we can roll your table linens for no-crease perfection.

Greener Cleaner In-Home

Our inhome specialist cleans carpet, tile, draperies and upholstery using our exclusive process that cleans without messy hoses, hot water or steam. Visit our carpet cleaning website


Secrets of the loop.

Almost every top-quality button-down shirt has a tiny fabric loop sewn into the seam where the shoulder blades meet. The loop started way back in the Navy when sailors hung their clothing on hooks to save space. In the 1960s when the collegiate Ivy League look became popular, the Gant company reintroduced the little extra as a “locker loop.” The loop quickly became a status symbol. On some campuses, removing the loop signified that a man was taken and no longer free to date. We can make sure your button-down shirt is crisp and clean, with or without the loop.

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